Why HR+

Why HR+

HR+ is a Tasmanian NDIS Team for Tasmanian Participants

Our Integrity

We strive to offer you and your NDIS providers the best possible service.

We're for Tasmanians

A small local team, we can be contacted by phone, email, or we can meet face-to-face.

Genuine Service

We enjoy interacting with participants and their families, and are passionate about assisting them to achieve their goals.

Personalised Support

We always aim to acknowledge the unique needs of the participants, families, and carers we work with.

Efficient Processes

We will process your submitted invoices within 3 business days*.

Flexible Options

We are always willing to adapt our ways of working to meet the needs of the participant.

Capacity Building

Every interaction with participants is an opportunity to build their capacity to understand their NDIS funds and how to use them.

Accepting Accountablility

We take our responsibility as providers of NDIS services seriously and understand the role we play in assisting participants to implement their NDIS plans and funds.

Real-time Access

Visibility of real-time NDIS funding and invoices using the Careview Advantage device application. Invoices can be viewed, reviewed and approved right at your fingertips.