Support Coordination

Support Coordination

HR+ Support Coordinators are an NDIS Registered Support Coordination service provider in Launceston, Tasmania. Our primary role as your NDIS support coordinator is to understand what you want and coordinate this with other service providers within your NDIS budget. Our local Support Coordinators make sure you get the best value from your NDIS plan by connecting you to high quality support services, meeting both your needs, goals and your budget.

HR+ offers Level 2 Coordination of Supports. We work with participants to put in place a mix of supports that will increase capacity to maintain relationships, manage tasks, live more independently and be included in their community. It builds the participant’s confidence and skills to direct their lives, not just their services.

Our knowledgeable support coordination team are always happy to provide NDIS participants with as much or as little assistance as you need. HR+ support coordinators are a highly empathetic team, and a proud disability support service in Tasmania. They are ready to help you!

Why HR+ as your Support Coordinator?

Understanding Your NDIS Plan

We can help you to unpack and better understand your NDIS plan, and explain any NDIA processes and rules.

Choosing Service Providers

We can help you to find, investigate and choose service providers that offer the best value for you and your plan.

Managing The NDIS Portal

We can help you to manage your NDIS myplace portal, including any service bookings.

Achieving Your Goals

We can help you identify what supports and services you want and communicate this to service providers.

Finding Options Local To You

We can help find local options in your community and connect you with them.

Monitoring Your Funds

We can coordinate your budgets and help you to monitor these funds over the course of the plan period.

Understanding Your Rights

We can help you to know your rights and understand what good service is.

Maintaining Relationships With Providers

We will assist you to manage on going relationships with providers to get the outcomes you want.