General NDIS

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme delivered by an independent agency called the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

What does the NDIS do?

The NDIS fund supports for people with disability that are deemed Reasonable & Necessary. These supports are to help you pursue your goals, increase your independence and increase your participation in the community.

What does ‘Reasonable & Necessary’ mean?

The NDIS fund supports that are Reasonable & Necessary to your disability.

To be considered Reasonable & Necessary, these supports must:

  • be related to your disability
  • be the best value for money
  • be likely to be effective & beneficial
  • take into consideration the supports you receive from your family and friends
  • be best provided by the NDIS and not another agency or system.

What will the NDIS not cover?

The NDIS won’t cover everyday living expenses that people without a disability would be required to pay for, i.e. groceries, bills (including phone and internet) or rent.

Can I only use NDIS registered providers?

No! One of the main benefits of having Plan Management in your plan, is that you have more choice over who can support you.

How can I better use my funds?

You can send in your service agreements for us to allocate specific portions of your funds to your providers, or ask your service provider to send it to us. These can be sent to ndisteam@hrplustas.com.au.

We have a team of consultants available to guide you on what supports your funds can be used for, according to your NDIS plan. They can help you budget your funds to make sure they last the length of your plan.

The NDIS have renewed my plan, what now?

This is really easy; we’ll get in touch with you and support you the whole way. Simply email your new plan to us at ndisteam@hrplustas.com.au and we’ll do the rest!

Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

We offer Plan Management to you by managing your NDIS funds and payments on your behalf, it’s just like having your very own bookkeeper.

We do all the administration including:

  • receiving and recording your invoices,
  • reviewing and checking your invoices,
  • getting your approval to pay
  • claiming the funds from the NDIS,
  • paying providers on your behalf and providing them receipts,
  • providing you monthly statements, so that you can see where your funds are paid

We’re also here to help with any question you have related to your NDIS funds and assist you with provider options in your area.

How do I get Plan Management included in my plan?

You just need to ask. When you have your plan meeting or review, ask the NDIS to include Improved Life Choices in your plan.

Do I have to pay for Plan Management?

No. When Improved Life Choices is included in your NDIS Plan, the NDIS include the funds for it, they cover our fees, so there is no cost to you.

Why choose HR+ Tasmania for my Plan Management?

Our vision is that ‘everyone who needs help, gets help’. We are a non-for-profit organisation based in Launceston, Tasmania, and we love supporting our community. We pride ourselves in our honest and friendly customer service.

HR+ offer expert NDIS assistance, from a local team, who you can meet face to face. We’re here when you need us and we make the NDIS less overwhelming. We can help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your plan, by explaining what your funds can and can’t be used for.

I have Plan Management included in my plan, how can I sign up with HR+ Tasmania?

Contact our lovely team on (03) 6332 8600 or email us at referrals@hrplustas.com.au.

I already have Plan Management, can I switch to HR+ Tasmania?

Yes, you can! You will need to let your existing plan manager know in writing that you wish to cancel your service agreement with them. They will need to finalise things at the end of their cancellation policy and send your information to us. You can then sign up with HR+ Tasmania and we can start managing your plan. Contact our lovely team on (03) 6332 8600 or email us at referrals@hrplustas.com.au.

How do I check and approve my invoices?

We have a number of ways you can check your invoices.

  • We can email you your invoices for you to review and approve.
  • You can download and use the Careview Advantage app on your smart device (we will help you with this)
  • You can ‘Auto-Approve’ your trusted providers

What needs to be included on my invoice?

The NDIS have some minimum requirements for us to process invoices.

Invoices must include:

  • Your contact details
  • Provider details including
    • Provider name
    • ABN
    • Bank account details
    • Email address and contact phone number
  • A description of the supports provided (so we can work out which part of your plan to pay from)
  • The date/s of the supports
  • The hourly rate and the quantity of hours provided
  • The total amount owing

How do my invoices get paid?

It’s easy!

  1. You (or your providers) can email your invoices to invoices@hrplustas.com.au (or you can post your invoices/receipts to Level 1, 37 Frederick St, Launceston TAS 7250)
  2. Once the invoice is checked and approved by you, your invoices are paid within 24-48hrs.

My provider is confused about invoices being paid; can you help them?

We sure can. They can give us a call on (03) 6332 8600 and chat to one of our friendly team.

Does the NDIS automatically send my Plan Manager a copy of my plan?

No, they don’t. Your NDIS Plan is confidential to you, so the NDIS do not automatically send us a copy. However, having a copy of your plan allows us to see what funding you have and how you can use it. It helps us to make sure your spending is in line with your plan goals and to properly manage your funding.

I am a Support Coordinator; how do I refer my participants to HR+ Tasmania?

We love working with Support Coordinators to help clients receive the best possible supports through their NDIS plans. However, only recognised guardians/authorised nominees can complete our service agreement on behalf of a participant. We will work with you to go through the sign-up process with your participant. We’re here to help and answer any questions along the way.

Please send an email to referrals@hrplustas.com.au, with the best contact details for the participant and/or their nominee and we’ll be in touch soon.

What’s great about working with HR+ as my clients Plan Manager?

Apart from being a friendly, helpful team, we have a fantastic Provider Portal to offer.

To assist you as a Support Coordinator to one of HR+ Tasmania’s Plan Managed clients, you can have access to Careview Connect, which allows access to view the participant’s budgets in real time and view the invoices we are processing.

Support Coordination

How do I access a support coordinator?

Support coordination needs to be specifically funded in your NDIS plan and you will need to demonstrate to the NDIS that you need this support. Speak to your LAC or NDIS planner to assist you with this.

I have a good network of family and friends – can I still access a support coordinator?

It’s great that you have a strong support network. However sometimes they may not have the time or knowledge to support you to implement your NDIS plan. This would be considered when the NDIS is looking at your request for support coordination to be funded in your plan.

What is the difference between a support coordinator and a plan manager?

Plan management is just one way to manage the funds in your NDIS plan (as is self management), and anyone can request to have their funds managed in this way.

Support coordination is a specific support designed to help you implement your NDIS plan and build your capacity to manage your supports.

Is my support coordinator an emergency contact?

No. In the event of an emergency you need to call the appropriate emergency service (fire, police, ambulance). Support coordinators are not an emergency response service and only work during office hours. Your support coordinator can help you to put plans and supports in place to minimise the risk of crises, or to manage the effects of a crisis situation after it has happened.

Does my support coordinator do everything for me?

No. Support coordination is a capacity building support . In the early stages of your NDIS journey your support coordinator may do some tasks for you or with you, but ultimately our role is to build your confidence and develop your skills (or those of your support network) to manage and coordinate your supports as much as possible. It is important that you are in control of your supports.

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